Monday, February 25, 2013




Are you aware of the Thralls? IN conjuration you can raise a dead thrall to serve you permanently (sort-of). Well I went to the area with the Afflicted, and killed my target and raised him from the dead. I took my new undead companion, and my regular companion Erudor(?); to White Run. After arriving I went to the tavern there and for some silly reason asked about rumors. She mentioned something about the Jarl's son. So I went and talked to the Jarl, than his son. The son led me to a barred door where the "WHISPERING LADY" lived. To open the door I had to take the key from the court wizard there. Well this is where things got quite evil. I tried to pick pocket the court wizard, well that it was one of the few things I have not raised much, so he caught me and a battle started, including my companion and my undead servant. I ran out of the building hoping that maybe the battle would stop. Well inside they kept fighting. So I ran to a guard, paid my bounty and came back. Inside I saw the damage I had caused. My undead companionwas dead, which leads me to still wonder at their longevity ( I have raised one twice so far, he may melt on the third). Also, amongst the corpses was the Court Wizard. I did not know that he could even die. Well my evil little mind thought something out, I tried to raise the court wizard, and to my delight he became my UNDEAD SERVANT! THE COURT WIZARD OF WHITE RUN! Also to my amusement, no one seemed to mind. Than I unlocked the door and this "daedra?" offered me some evil black ninja sword. Than she told me that I must kill someone I am close to get the full potential of the sword. Now I must sideways this story because I soon found out that the undead thralls are not the best (atleast on x-box) because they have a glitch that makes them disappear on travel jumps. They're there, but not. Because everyone is freaked out and keep telling you that spell is dangerous, put it away, but no thrall is seen. So I wanted to restart and keep and eye on my thrall this time. But I also thought of a new plan. I was also, during this time looking for a husband :) and I thought, well what if I get married, kill my future husband with the evil soul sword and than, to spite the gods even more, I will raise him to be my undead servant for life. Ah love. To add to the spice, I was approached by a woman and we consumated out lesbian love. I saved it and Talos (who hates lesbians) will be sated by my blade of evil. So my attempt at not being evil in this game has went down a road I cannot return.

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