Saturday, December 27, 2014


Detroit Fanfare is cancelled...perhaps forever and this is what I have to say about it!

I want to say I loved every minute of this show and what it stood for. I do not agree that all fans want to see as stated "obvious fan preference for the larger, pop culture shows". I do not think, which I imagine you might have, you should look at the kickstarter support or lack there of as being a general breath of the interest in this show. I was there on day 1 when you almost got thrown out because the fire marshal would have booted you for TOO many people. I was there when Gary Reed walked around asking how people were enjoying the show (which I have never had happen at MCC). I had more people cross in front of my table then I have in one weekend then all my other shows combined. Why? Because it was about comics, not about selling and buying merchandise, but the pure love of comics. Venders have their place, but Detroit Fan Fare was ours, the artists, the creators and the writers. I am sorry that you could not find a stable venue, that Cobo Hall jerked you around. I am sorry that Gary left and I guess Tony Miello, Dennis L Barger Jr and friends had to take up the slack. However I really don't think kickstarter was a good choice and what was the rush? I would have waited a whole year for the next show if you needed time. Why rush it to February? Nobody (even I had trouble hitting that send button) during a holiday season. So kickstarter be damned I say. Is this the true end? Michigan has such a short list of great shows to attend. Motor City has never given me the same feeling that DFF has. So if this is the end I say farewell to thee, ill see all you artists, geeks and comic lovers on new battle grounds.