Monday, February 25, 2013

Another one I liked....
AHEM... I will be reading today's poetry from the R.E. Howard book, The Second Book of Robert E. Howard

My ruthless hands still clutch at life -
Still liike a shoreless sea
My soul beats on in rage and strife.
You may not shackle me.

Jeffery JonesMy leopard eyes are still untamed
They hold a darksome light -
A fierce and brooding gleam unnamed
That pierced primeval night.

Rear mighty temples to your god -
I lurk where shadows sway,
Till, when your drowsy guards shall nod,
To leap and rend and slay.

For I would hurl your cities down
And I would break your shrines
And give the site of every town
To thisles and to vines.

Higher the walls of Nineveh
And prouder Babel's spires -
I bellowed from the desert way -
They crumbled in my fires.

For all the works of cultered man
Must fare and fade and fall.
I am the Dark Barbarian
That towers over all.

As I have stated before I love fantasy stories like Conan. This is from a new book I got and also I am reading Kull, which is also from him. The artwork is from Jeffery Jones. The next best artist to Frezetta. After looking at his work I might like him even better. It is quite an irony my two favorite authers, H.P. Lovecraft and R.E. Howard, were pen pals and I did not know it. More on Lord Cthulu later.

Jeffery Jones

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