Monday, May 3, 2010

That's all maybe

I am not putting much up with the CON coming so soon need to work...WORK!!!!


  1. I need an original Fuk Duck!!! Can we trade? What do you want for it? Name it. You know i'll draw anything.

  2. Hot!? Maybe Ninja Dot meets Fuk Duk? I draw a lot of the comics in random spots and scan them. But I do have two of them on one bristol board I believe. You can have those. Or I probably will be drawing some more on board before the con so maybe those. I'll bring them.
    I think I am going to photograph my "office" too, but with a twist. I might even add labels. You have lots of comics that make me envious. I hope you have money for food after all of those graphic novels. Or maybe you eat those.

    Side note: I am buying my daughter MAD magazine stuff. I am going to recollect that stuff. CRACK AND MAD.

  3. Or maybe Chris Yambar meets Fuk Duk? I am going to call the ASH CAN (or whatever form of comic I create) "SUPER STUPID FRIENDS" What do you think? The other choice was Rubba Teets.

  4. Super Stupid Friends is a good title, but i like Rubba Teets a LOT too... hmm. Tough call!

    I always liked Cracked a lot better than Mad as a kid, but i still bought Mad for Sergio's stuff. You're a good dad to subject your kid to those titles!:)

  5. That's surprising I thought that you would be more of a MAD guy. I was also more into CRACK than MAD. I am giving MAD a second chance though. I think I will have to pick up Crack again too.