Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Comic Con 2010

If not for Levi, Art, Yambar and Andy I would have leaped over my table and went crazy with CON MADNESS! I sold near to nothing. Enough profits to buy my family a pizza on Sunday. Jeez laweeze. Wow. That one was painful. I had comics, paintings, action figures and sketches. I stood up I talked to people. Goodness. On the upside this inspired me watching Art with his LINES of people. That Art, who I remember 10 years ago, was in the same spot I'm in, now doing quite well. Why is that? Because he busted his ass. He went to LOTS of cons, not just one. I WILL be set up for more cons this year, hopefully if the funds work out. AND then more next year. I need to see people so they see me. And I think I am going to chop off Honeywell's nose. Wah? Yes he is suppose to be a hotdog and I don''t think people see that. So off the nose goes, which is the way I drew him before I ever drew him in a comic. How am I going to do that? With a pair of scissors and a lot of gauze. A nose job perhaps? Hollywood Surgery gone wrong? Thanks to Levi for my sketches and letting me look at his FORBIDDEN sketchbooks (If only he would post the NAUGHTIER sketches, .......) Here is what I spent my time doing and a few Levi goodies.


  1. Yeah, I totally missed that Honeywell was a hotdog. Sorry man. My bad. :( Next time, I'll try and focus less on his nipples and more on his buns... ew. lol.

  2. No, it is not your fault that my art sucks. I drew Honeywell different before the comic. He looked more like a hot dog then. Your sketch is awesome. That's why I posted it. Your not the only one that did not recognize him as a Hot Dog Man. I didn't like the way he looks anyways.