Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Potty Mouth


  1. The plot THICKENS!!!

    This made me laugh really hard... Is "fuk" all the Fuk Duck ever says? Because, if so, he might be my favoritest character ever. I'd wear a shirt with him on it, saying "fuk fuk fuk"... LOL. it's not a swear because it's spelled different!

  2. It only took a whole day and a half for me to counter comment...I'm sad. Yes, Mr. Duk has struggled through his life with his tourettes syndrome. He has good days and bad, but we still love him. I'm glad someone else liked it besides me. A shirt..hmmmm I do work in a t-shirt company...that could be arranged.....

    Look in your mail I mailed you some swag. Swag as the youngsters callz itz.