Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bill come home

hobbes q

I was thinking about something, why in the world doesn't Bill Watterson, of Calvin and Hobbes fame, make a glorious comeback? It has to be a "I'm just done with this part of my life" thing, but that bums me out when people that are so good at something just hang it up and "retire". Think about it, if he was to start NEW comics on a web page, he would be a millionaire in a month, and well deserved. He wouldn't have to worry about theft, because he will have a army of supporters. Look what happened when someone tried to steal from the Oatmeal. Ouch! So Bill would not have to worry about that. He could do any size and any format he wanted. He could probably even do NON-Calvin and Hobbes stuff and we would all gobble it up. I would. I would gobble that nob so fast. Even Harper Lee is making a come back. IT CAN HAPPEN!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN BILL!!

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