Monday, July 20, 2015

Beast Stacks

Beast Stacks

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It’s a simple game. Think of 4 creatures, a huge/large one, a medium one, a small one, and a tiny one. You can replace creatures with beings, things, whatever. The main thing is the size.
Now if you want you can ask someone else the same question. Ask a friend, a stranger, a family member. That guy watching you dress, whoever! I asked one of my BEST FRIENDS EVER, Levi Krause, and he produced an awesome pic! Next, you draw those 4 creatures (etc) stacked. That is essentially it. The fun comes from the ludicrous nature of having these beasts stacked one over the other. You can ink them, color them, whatever you want. But the main rule is 4 creatures stacked (note variations below) If you do not like to draw or prefer other methods, use those! Collage those pictures from National Geographic! Cosmo! Whatever! Or maybe ask an artsy friend to draw yours, they may be already if they went with the “ask a person” option  


  1. Large to small, crazy, reverse the order, cause some serious stress on that little guy.
  1. Grab a bag (crown royal!) go to the dollar store (or the Wal Marts) fill the bag with cheap creatures and pull 4 blind from the bag
  1. Add more or subtract from the original number, maybe 12 stacked is your thing. I just happen to think 4 is a good number to start at.
  1. If you doubt your spontaneity and you don’t want to ask someone else, make a dice list. Write a bunch of animals down in whatever amounts and then pull out that dice bag, preferably in that crown royal bag again, and roll them twenty-siders! Here’s an example, maybe 4 columns 6 rows, easy with a six sided dice,
ROW 1 Huge ROW2 Medium/large ROW3 Small/medium ROW4 Tiny/small
  1. Balrog 1. Lion 1. Rabbit 1. Rhino Beetle
  2. Whale 2. Jaguar 2. Squirrel 2. Assassin Bug
  3. Great White 3. Engine Block 3. Rat 3. Butterfly
  4. Godzilla 4. Unicorn 4. Leprechaun 4. fairy
  5. Robotech 5. Zebra 5. Tyrion 5. Mouse
  6. Walrus 6. Octopus 6. Lobster 6. Crab
  This is in the test phase for my brain. It's inspired by surrealist games. I think it sounds good. If someone else has ideas, please tell me. I think everyone can take it and run with it. I just wanted people to have some fun. I know that there are illustrations out there like this and those inspired me also, I don’t think there are any games like this, and so maybe I have something here. Anyways, have fun and I would love to see and post anyone’s Beast Stack that they create.

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